I'm Matt Vinall

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About Me

Hey there! My name is Matt Vinall and I am a Front End Developer. Prior to pivoting my career towards Web Development I was working in sales and customer service - always leading and managing teams. Iā€™m obsessed with the customer experience. The most important thing to me as a developer is ensuring that the user always has an impressive first experience to keep them coming back.


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Sass

  • jQuery

  • JavaScript

  • Firebase

  • React

  • Webpack

  • Git

  • Github

  • Babel

  • Slack

My Work


HTML5 // SCSS // React.js // Restful API // Firebase

Radflix is a web application built with react.js, firebase and styled with Sass. The premise of the application allows the user create their own dashboard that has a unique group id. Invite your friends and family and collaborate on your favourite movies in one place. Project was built with Scott Fuller and Andy Ng

screenshot preview of radflix on a new 15 inch macbook pro
screenshot preview of project talk nerdy to me on a new 15 inch macbook pro

Talk Nerdy To Me

HTML5 // SCSS // React.js // Resful API // Firebase

A web application built with react JS that generates a random DEV joke on click. The user has the option to like or dislike the joke and all results are stored to firebase. The most popular joke (trending) is displayed and will update dynamically.

MNM-K9 Client Project

HTML // SCSS // jQeury // Responsive Design

Built and designed from scratch - a modern website using up to date HTML5, CSS3, and took into account responsive design best practices. MNM-K9 specializes in K-9 training but also offers a wide range of services like grooming, daycare, boarding, and husky breeding.

screenshot preview of freelance project with MNM-K9 on a new 15 inch macbook pro
screenshot preview of project BackInTimes on a new 15 inch macbook pro

Back In Times

HTML // SCSS // Javascript // Resful API // Pair Programming

Ever wanted to check out what the world was like on the day of your birth? Well say no more! Using the New York Times Archives API and Darksky Weather API, we have delivered a newspaper-like experience that showcases 7 random articles from the selected birth date.

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